Employer Rights and Cost for H1-B process.

Hi there,

We will be doing our first H1-B sponsorship and facing some diffucilties. Our employee X has been working with us for 1 year and his OPT is about to expire. We plan to start his H1-B process but facing some problems. First, he was not honest with us and he told he only needs a raise for a sponsorship. We gave him his raise and his income is eligable for H1-B. Later, he told we have to pay for the next step which cost $2,300. Of course, we did not do our homework but we trusted him so we accepted it. Later, he came with lawyer cost and he told us we should pay for it but after our research we realized that we are not supposed to pay for it. Later, he came up with fast respond application and he told we should pay for it but we learnt we are not supposed to pay it and will not pay for it. We are really trying to help him but he is not being honest. We gave him close to $21,000 raise and I think he is missing how hard we are trying. I do not want to pay any more money and I was wondering if someone can help if about future expenses. I heard about if his process does not go well, we will need to pay for his plane ticket to his own country. I also heard something about newpaper advertising. If he was honest with us in the begining, we would not have any problem. Can some help me if there are any future expenses? Or is it a one time process and we will the H1-B paper and we are done with our part? S

So far we gave him $21,000 raise

Pay for Base filling fee, AICWA, Fraud Prevent Fee which is total $2,325

Are we done with our process? Are we done with our payment part? or is there any other hidden future fees?