Employer Provided travel cheque after termination of job, should i accept it?


My employer terminated my job (H1-B Visa) and gave a 2 weeks notice, and i filed for I-539 (COS) to F2 (dependent on wife, working on OPT), and provided me with a return travel cheque, Should i accept it or deny it ?

If i accept, am i obliged to leave the country ?

I would really appreciate your response.



Sorry for the delayed response. If employer has given you airfare check, he is being USCIS compliant. Be aware that employer may have sent a request to revoke notice to USCIS. You can encash check but are under no compulsion or requirement to return to home country. Your travel is not controlled by employer after separation.

No issues, I appreciate your response. My employment was terminated and the HR sent a notice to USCIS to revoke my H1-B, I filed for I-539 (COS to F2 dependent) 3 days before termination.

Thank you for the response, i will cash the check and will use the amount to travel as situation demands.