employer paying less than LCA will there be any problem

I'm working on H1B visa my LCA is for 60k but my employer is paying me 50k $25 perhour (as he says my billing rate in this project is too less)

I'm planning to change my employer 

but will there be any problem for me in future petition approval,visa stamping or GC process due to this less than LCA payment

It should not be a problem in future approval or stamping. Neither should this be a problem during GC. The salary comes under DOL. In recent times DOL has had many visits at the client location and they ask the employee a set of questions. And if the find any irregularities like the one you mentioned then they can file for Notice of intent to revoke(NOIR) to USCIS. Your employer is violating the terms of LCA which is not legal.

I have a different take on this. When the person applies for H-1 transfer, he will have to submit recent payslips and W-2. Based on those documents, one can deduce what the salary is and whether it is below LCA or not. So it can run into issues as you are not maintaining correct status. Your employer is basically misusing the immigration laws.

My suggestion is to let your future employer’s attorney know about this.