Employer Not Sharing the Receipt Number, How do we get it - Please help

The Employer is Not Sharing the Receipt Number despite many request. I did lots of research in getting the information on getting the receipt number, but I couldn’t, So can anyone please help on How do we get it - Please help

There is not a way to get the receipt number. Once your petition is approved, you can try applying for FOIA request to know the receipt number. I don’t know how soon USCIS will respond to it, or whether it would be even successful or not; but worth a try.

I also heard we can call the USCIS office on toll free number? Do you suggest to do this? what are the implications?

Looks like someone flagged my response. If intentional, may I know why?

You can call USCIS number but they won’t give out the information like that. They give out information only to employer and their authorized representatives (i.e. attorney).