employer not responded to H1 RFE

Hi ,

my h1b application got through lottery .usics has updated status as RFE aug 19th 2013 .my status is not changed till today . my employer is not reponding to my calls or mails .

my employer apllied my visa through another consultancy wen i ahve mailed them abt RFE .That consultant replied me statint the she got RFe and shez busy this week She may reply next week ??

can i believe her still shez saying she may reply ???what does it mean ??

normally how much time will usics give to submit rfe ???

what should i do ???

They Give 90 days from day of status change to Respond to RFE. If you do not Submit RFE … than anytrhing can happen… did you pay anything for u r petition…

thanks for the answer. i didn’t pay him in advance . i am l2 EAD i agreed to work with ihis consultancy