Employer did not filed my H1B Amendment

I received H1B approval in Dec 2016 when I was working with Client ‘X’ @ Location ‘A’ (I was on CPT/OPT till then). I got a new project with Client ‘Y’ @ location ‘B’ in Feb 2017 which is 250 miles away from Location ‘A’. My employer supposed to file amendment for change of project and location, and said they will be filing in a month but it is been 6 months since I joined the new project and still they are yet to file the amendment.

Every time they gives false information that they filed but they didn’t. Latest update is they hire a new attorney and will be filing my amendment in another week or so.

Is it better to change my employer in this situation or do I need to wait until my employer file the amendment (don’t know when it is going to happen). Please suggest me what are the options I have.