Employer demanding for $10000 for resignation

I was working as Project Manager with 3 yrs as PM and overall 13 yrs and had H1B from Company A earlier in 2013.In 2014 Company B approached me for getting my H1B transferred for a position of Onsite Manager at their Client location in USA, after transfer of my H1B they released offer letter but not as Manager with added information as if parting with company in less than 2years i am liable to pay $10000 as recovery fee spent on H1B Visa Processing.I had clear discussion with Management before joining asking about roles and responsibilities as the Designation is below Manager Level for which they responded as they do not have anything called as Project Manager per company standards by designation but the offered position is the Management roles per the interview.After joining the organization i found they do had employees designated as PM, i asked about the same and they responded as its implemented a week back and my roles still remain same as promised.I traveled to USA and here the total work was as Entry level engineer assignments and no team reporting under me which is total disaster to act as my career aspirations were totally taken as granted as they need, this discussion continued for nearly 4 months parallel working on assignments without regret and it turned as ordering me to work as we assign and said as i have to earn that position by inspiring them now and remove your designation as PM from my signature.

With much difficulty i was not pleased to continue working as entry level engineer after 13 yrs of career and found another job after serving current employer for 10 months with 6 months of unwanted discussions and expecting they act on it.Now, Company is informing as they go ahead and present security cheque provided in India for recovery of $10K.Paying is not a concern but do i have to after such damage to my career ?What actions i have to take upon organization for damage that is caused to my career for 10 months ?

Dear Balaji,

First, take emotion out of the situation. Next decide on plan of action. When the company sends you a letter demanding money, simply state that the amount is not owed and they may not call you by phone on this matter. If this goes to a collection agency, say the same thing - the debt claimed is not owed. This is a one line letter. If they take it to court, appear in court and say the same thing - the debt is not owed because you cannot bond employees in the US. It is illegal.

Having said this, if the company worked hard and spent money in getting you to the US, it is up to you if morally you feel they must be compensated.

All the best

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, www.chu.edu; sshankarATchu.edu