Employer asking to come back in L1B. I have approved H1B can I stay back in US

My Current Visa Status - I am currently working with Company A on a L1B visa which is valid till 12/22/14. My I-94 is also valid till 12/22/14 Above that I have got the H1 visa under 2014 cap from Company B which will come into effect from 10/1/2014. The H1B petition and COS has been approved and I have another I-94 with form I 797 which has end date of March 2016

Current Scenario - My current employer Company A has asked me to go back to India on 6/15/2014 due to some issues with L1B visa from the company side. they have asked few other L1B visa holders to go back to India. My Wife has a valid H1B till march 2016. Now the thing is my wife is pregnant and has the due date on 8/14/2014. So I cannot leave her alone and go back to India. Hence I was planning to go to dependent H4 visa on my wife's H1B visa. Which my current company (Company A) says cannt be done from onsite.


Question - 


1. If I go to H4 visa now during June'14 which is a visa status change and then go to H1B visa starting 10/1/2014 which will again be a visa status change. Would this cause any issues/problem in future while applying for GC or for that sake any other procedures.

2. My new company who filed my H1B, Company B's attorney told me that now I have a valid I 94 and H1B petition approved, so whatever happens to my L1B I can still stay in the US but cannt work. I can work only starting 10/1/2014 when H1B work authorization come into affect.

3. So if the point # 2 is correct should I resign from Company A. Because once I resign my L1B ends.