Employer A terminates; H1B revoked in 30 days; Employers B, C, D applies in fifth/sixth weeks, is H1B transfer possible?

I was terminated from my job on June 12, with employer A. They also mentioned my H1B will be revoked in 30 days, which makes it exactly 4 weeks from June 12. I started looking for jobs, and possibly I will get one of offers next week from Employer B, and one more from Employer C the week after. That is, in the third week from Employer B and fourth week from Employer C. I will ask them to apply for a H1B transfer immediately. Both A & C are reputed companies and it is full time, B is also reputed but pretty small.

I have a few questions.

  1. Should I go to a consulting company and ask them to process my visa as soon as possible? Will that go into RFE by any chance?

  2. If Employer C, is well reputed, will the out of status be overlooked? If not, will such reputed companies like Employer C, not help me in such cases?

  3. If I go to a Consultancy, and the Consultancy applies for a H1B transfer first, will that affect my other H1B transfer applications from Employers B & C?

  4. I have to travel to india after the first week of August, for a lifetime thing. So, if there is an RFE, can I not travel to India while the RFE is sent and being processed?

  5. Should I travel to India after the fourth week, and let the Employers B & C to process the H1B transfer after I leave the country, so I can return after the H1B processing completes successfully? This will make sure I don’t stay out of status for long, in this country. How much risk is it?

Super complicated. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Like you mentioned, you are out of status immediately. However if you do start working soon (around 30 days but its not exact) you should be fine. If its been longer there is a possibility that USCIS will make you travel out and come back before you start working.

There are too many variables for me to comment on the RFE question. Better not to travel until all your paperwork is in order.