**Emergency Situation*** Drop Box Eligibility for H1B Visa with recent H4 Visa stamping

My recent Visa stamping in Passport is for H4 but I got my H1 petition approved after entering US. I did not leave US for more than 3 years and meanwhile got my H1 extension approved as well. I wanted to go to India now for a medical emergency. Am I eligible for Drop Box option as per the new announcement? Please confirm.

It will be at the discretion of the CO to waive the interview.


Thank you for the response. Should I still go ahead and schedule an appointment to know if the CO agrees to waive the interview? Any idea about the earliest appointment date available in India and the center where appointment is easily available?

You will just need to try your luck and book the appointment as and when available at any of the US consulates in India.

ok Sure. Thanks again. Will try it out.