Emergency Appointment Expereinces

Hi Community!

So I’m an O1A petition approved applicant and have applied for Emergency Appointment - and got the approval for that too - as of 15 February - but I have not seen any open slots and a constant error message “group size is larger than allocation” - which is a cipher of its own.

It has been 14 days since the approval and 9 days since the approval expired and the issue “escalated to post”

Does anyone have an experience like this where you don’t ever hear back even after an EA approval? I keep getting assurances from USTravelDocs that I will receive an email - but my travel is of utmost urgency and if everything does look okay then im not sure why EA isn’t being treated as an EA.

Appreicate any insights or experience with this situation.

Updating this post. For posterity’s sake.

Since I did not receive ANY support from USTravelDocs in India, I had to forego the visa fee paid in India, move my profile to Singapore. Got a date for interview in early April. Traveled, attended the interview and have now been approved for the visa. Waiting for issuance and passport pickup.

They’ve got this whole process sorted in Singapore, unlike in India where you can’t trust a word of anyone and pretty much every one runs around like headless chicken.

All the best to everyone who is going through the ordeal. God speed.