Eligible for MS in USA?


Completed my 10th @ 2003

Diplomaa in 2009 (three years diploma but completed in 6 years)

B.Tech (209-2012, completed b.tech in time)

From 2012 till working as a software engineer (2 years of IT experience)

I have very much concern with Diploma which I completed, I meant to complete in 3 years but completed in 6 years, if I apply for f1 for the fall 2015 what is the risk I have compare to other students

Your answer on the above is greatly appretiated


Thanks for your reply

Well, from an eligibility standpoint, I do not see any challeges as long as you have completed the degree from an accredited school and you fufil all the requirements raised by school like GRE, TOEFL etc.
As long as you have completed it, either 3 or 6 years, it does not matter. Besides, if you are applying for MS, schools primarily look at your B.Tech grades and performance.