Eligible for dropbox but dates available after end of dropbox eligibility

Hi All,

A question.

If I am eligible for dropbox say, till end of Feb(i.e 28th) and I filled out my DS160 and submitted before Feb 28th but the appointment dates are not available until April 1st, would my case be still considered for dropbox for Apr 1st appointment or do I become ineligible for dropbox and have to go for regular interview.

I know the dates seem to be available sooner now but I am asking just in case this kind of scenario arises

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hi, I am also having the same situation right now. My visa got expired 15 months ago but due to new policy they are allowing expired visa till 24 months for dropbox.

I got dropbox appointment on Jan 11th 2021 but as per the new policy(24 months) it is going to end by 2020 dec 31st. will they accept drobox application? what is your experience in this case? Appreciate for your quick response.

No, you need to be eligible on the day of your documents submission to be eligible for using the Dropbox.