Eligibility of college for F1- criterion for getting F1

Hi !!

I am currently in US on H4 visa.

I want to take the route of pursuing MS> Change of status from H4 to F1> OPT> find a prospective H1B sponsor.

For the same I have chosen to enroll in MS in Organizational Leadership from NYACK, NY. (New York Christian College, NY). Given my 6 years experience and background in OD, OB field back in India.

This college is approved for SEVIS and is listed amongst approved colleges at USCIS site.

I chose this college for 2 prime reasons 1. no gmat/GRE required (this saves time) and 2. getting to start as early as January 2014 (not wasting much time)

I have following question:

  1. This college holds cohort type classes twice a week for 4 hours each. Is this a issue in getting F1?

  2. Also the MS gets completed in 1 year (provided the dissertation gets accepted). Does the duration of program play a role in getting F1?

  3. How do I check the credibility of the MS degree that I get? Is it valued amongst US Job Circle?

  4. Can anyone please suggest some other colleges/univ in NY/NJ for some good recognised MS programs in the field of Oraganizational behaviour/Organizational Development/Organizational Learning? (I do not want to get into the loop of GMAT/GRE :P)

Thanks in advance friends…

  1. No, it should NOT matter. As long as the DSO of the school gives you I20 and it is SEVIS certified, you are good !

  2. Nope, it will NOT. One of the most popular MBA courses at Kellog School of business is one year.

  3. You need to check the credibility of the school. What are the certifications it has. You can benchmark the school with similar state school that is in top 5 in that state. The brand of the school pays a big role in securing jobs.

  4. Unfortunately, we do not advise on schools.

Look around the internet for potential jobs in your field to get a sense of the requirements. Securing an internship is the best way to bag a job right after graduation. Be proactive and get internship, and you should be fine!