Eligibility for H1B Filing for My Wife

Hello Am current on H1B working , Planning to bring my wife this year also process H1B for her

she has 3 year B.com degree, 2 year MBA degreein Finance, 1 year CA Intern also 6 months of Financial Analyst experience in CAPGEMINI India.

Since she does not have good work experience, what is the chance of her H1B being approved?

Thanks !!!

There are 2 things:

  1. Whether she is eligible for H-1 or not. She needs to have equivalent of 4 years of US Bachelors degree. You can get her degrees evaluated by an educaiton equivalency agency in US to know about this

  2. Whether an employer can file H-1 for her skillset or not.

If she is eligible and finds right employment for a job which requires specialized knowledge, then lack of experience should not matter.