Eligibility for Dropbox Facility (Interview Waiver Program)

Hi Team,

  1. My passport(Issued by India) expires in Feb 2019. So, I am thinking of applying for renewal from Indian Embassy here in USA.

Since there is correction in spellings of my Father & Mother’s name, i was thinking to get it updated during same renewal process.

Does the change/correction of my Parent’s name in my passport has any impact on my existing approved petition or my active Visa stamping.

  1. I am planning to initiate dependant visa for my spouse and child, both are in India right now.

My wife has an active stamping upto April 2020, but my prior employer’s name on it.

I read through few blogs that change in employer should not affect dropbox (Interview Waiver Program) eligibility, but not sure. So,

i. Does she need a new VISA stamping to travel to USA?

ii. If yes, since the Visa class is same (H4) and has an active visa, will she be eligible for dropbox facility to get Visa stamping for my new employer’s sponsorship.

  1. I have Visa stamping upto April 2020, but my prior employer’s name on it. Also, I have new petition approved (I797-A) for new employer upto October 2020.

a. If I travel to India, do I need to get stamped for new employer’s name on it?

b. If yes, am I eligible for dropbox facility (Interview Waiver Program)