Effect on H4 EAD processing if H1B changes job


I am on H1B visa, and my spouse is currently filing for H4. Once she files for H4, she plans to come to US and file for H4 EAD. I may be undergoing a job change during that time. So, in case it happens that my new employer files for a H1B transfer while my spouse’s H4 EAD is under process tagged with my old employer’s H1B, how does that affect the H4 EAD processing? Do we need to start EAD application process again after filing a new H4 amendment along with the H1B transfer?


H4/EAD is not tied to the H1B employer. As far as the primary H1B is in status the H4 EAD application can keep processing. At most you may get a RFE to submit the copy of your newly approved H1B I-797. So you dont need to restarted the EAD application when you change the H1B employer.