Education & work experience are irrelevant

Thanks a lot for your quick reply. Will my wife eligible for H1B with below points?

She has Master Degree in Organic Chemistry (B.Sc in chemistry & M.Sc in Organic Chemistry)

·         2 Years of IT Experience from India.

·         From Nov 2013 to till now working in IT (US).


[b]Reason for this question: [/b]Her education & work experience are irrelevant that made me to ask this question??

Will any Certifications / Diploma Certificate like PGDCA add more points?? Please help me to understand more. Thanks a lot in advance.

There are 2 things here - she needs to be eligible for H-1 in general, and then eligible for the offered position.

To be eligible for H-1, she needs to have education equivalent to 4 years of US Bachelors degree. As she has 3+2 years of education, it is better to get her degrees and mark sheets reviewed by education equivalency agency in US to know the equivalent. If they come up a year short, then she needs at least 3 years of relevant work experience to compensate for it.

Then she needs to be qualified for the offered position. So if the offered position requires 4 years of Comp Sc degree + 2 years of work experience, then she is not eligible for it. If the position requires that or non-Comp Sc degree + 2 years of work experience, then she will be eligible.