Education option for Master degree holder in Comp. Sc. with 8 years of IT experience

What are the study options for a person with Masters of Engineering in Computer Science and 8 years of IT experience in US?

  1. PhD in Compter Science? (Pros & cons)

  2. MBA?

  3. Any other professional course? (please suggest list of courses)

The study options are unlimited, it is totally up to your passion and goal.

1. You can go for it.  Pros and cons depends on your end goal and passion.  What is your end goal of higher education ? Where do you want to be in life ? Read article :  [Goal for MS in USA - PhD ?]( If your end goal is to be a researcher or professor, then it is probably the right choice. 

2.   MBA is a totally different track. Do you want to get into Management ? Do you want to start a company ?  Read [study MS or MBA after ](

3.  The options are endless, the options of courses depends on what you want to do...

You are going for higher education after a long break from it. Read [Are you too old to study in USA]( Be very clear on your end goal and go for it. Do NOT try to do something because you have to do it...Take time to think about it, talk to your seniors, mentors, etc..