Edit dropbox appointment to include dependents


In early January this year, my wife and I booked separate dropbox appointments for August 2023 as both were on H1B visas at the time. My wife is quitting her job and is planning to travel to India in April and then travel back with me on H4. My options are:

  1. Edit my already confirmed dropbox appointment and add her as a dependent?
  2. If this isn’t possible, change the visa category on her already confirmed dropbox appointment (and a new DS-160?) to submit docs as a dependent.
    Which of these options is less cumbersome? Any advice/guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Either options are good. You will need to submit updated DS-160 with either option anyways.

Thank you! for your response Kalpesh. I think I should have made my question clearer. If I go with option 1, do I just need to submit a new ds160 and add that to my travel docs profile? How to edit the appointment to add dependent once it is confirmed?

I dont think you can edit the appointment so basically you will need to cancel and rebook. Even with option 2, as the system asks for the visa class when booking appointment so your wife’s appointment currently have H1B which will change to H4 and hence need to rebook.
You may call VFS and double check if she will be able to use existing appointment and just submit a new DS-160 referencing H4.


Thank you for your response. This was immensely helpful! I checked with VFS and they also indicated the same.