EB3 Processing - Adding my son to our case

I went for interview for eb3 visa, it was me and my wife at that time but my wife was pregnant. We were put under administrative processing . Now she has delivered and we want to add our son to the case, so we emailed the embassy, they responded that we should fill out the child’s ds-260 forms and then schedule an appointment with new medical, and police certificate. The problem is that for the past 2 weeks the forms has not been made available online for us to fill, any experience and what should we do??

Well, because your case in Administrative processing, I am assuming it is blocked. Try calling the USTravelDocs and see the options. You should be able to fill DS-260 online… Also, in general, since your case is currently not adjudicated, maybe you can wait until that is complete before you proceed with the current one… I would suggest, talk to your immigration attorney and seek advice.