EB1C through H1B (vs L1A)

Hi Everyone

I moved to the US on H1B in a managerial position. I could’ve come through L1A as well (as suggested by my company), but I got through lottery and we went through that process. I’ve been working with this company since before 2019 and moved to US on H1B in late 2021.

So basically, I fulfill all the criteria.

Someone in the company recently mentioned that it is easier to get GC through EB1C if you are L1A relative to via H1B. To maximize my chances, the person suggested that I change my visa type.

For optionality, I don’t want to do that. I’ve no immediate plans of leaving, but I don’t want to limit my options.

I wanted to know how easy/difficult it is to go through EB1C process via H1B vs L1A? Is there a major difference in how they are looked at? Is there a major difference in approval rate?

As far as you meet the EB1C eligibility, your employer can sponsor your GC irrespective of your status on H1B or L1A.
There is no difference as such. Make sure your employer hires a good immigration lawyer who can establish the basis with solid documentation as EB1C filings are strictly audited.