Earlier passport expiry than Petition Expiry Date

Dear Fellows,

I have H1B stamped on my passport. As per the reciprocity rule, the visa is stamped for 1 year and my PED (petition expiry date) is 30th September 2025.

My current passport will expire on 6th June 2025 (4 months earlier than PED). This means that my I-94 validity will be as per the passport expiry date.

In order to avoid passport renewal and I-94 extension in the US, I was thinking to get my passport renewed for 10 years before traveling.

Would there be any issue at the port of entry because the visa will be in an old passport ( and the passport is canceled before the expiry)? Is this a good approach to handle this situation or there is a better way?

I have asked the company attorney about this but no reply from them probably because they are busy with the new year’s H1B cases.

Your advice on this will be much appreciated.

No issue at all. You need to carry both new and old passport with valid visa. Make sure your visa is valid the day you enter. CBP should issue I-94 matching the PED.

Thanks for your reply.

If I get my passport renewed when I am in the US. Would it be easy to get I-94 updated based on PED and the new passport?

I read somewhere that I can visit CBP office to get I-94 updated.

Your advice on this will be much appreciated.