EAD (L2 EAD) up to Nov’2016. Got H1 but want to move back to L2

I applied for H1B in April 2015 and it got approved. It is valid from October’15It was filed using my L2 I-94 That means my COS has been changed from L2 to H1. I have some issues already with new employer who had filed H1 for me and I want to get my status back to L2, as my husband having valid L1 and he is in USA till Nov, 2016. I have the following concerns, please suggest 1. If I go out of USA and return back to US, can I get back on l2 status? 2. Do I need to apply again for L2 visa? 3. Wat will happen to my current EAD which is valid till Nov, 2016?

  1. This is the good idea to continue working on L2 if you go out of the country and come back to US. ( have seen many cases like this).

  2. If you already have valid visa, then i dont think its required.

  3. if you are back with L2, then i dont think EAD would affect.