E-Verify - DHS TNC issued - Urgent Help Please!

Urgent Help Please !

I recently started new job and Joined Employer on Receipt Notice. H1B transfer is in progress under Premium processing. On very first day Employer submitted for I-9 for E-verify on USCIS. Later today Employer received E-Verify DHS Tentative Nonconfirmation (TNC) and they told me to contest and call DHS for resolution.

I could see that all information on Further Action Notice is correct so not sure whats wrong. Please advise on what DHS will ask when I call them.

P.S - Earlier to this I was with two employer in USA only and all E-verification was successful.

FYI For other if anyone in same situation !

I called DHS E-verify and they asked me few personal details and USCIS case number and I-94. they were able to authorize within a minute. Its very simple process but be careful and Keep all your details handy.

thank you for the post. really made me comfortable to handle the DHS TNC. as a new H1 employee it is daunting to see so many twists and turns at every stage. ok enough of ranting, coming to the issue

I recently accepted a full time role and started at the new employer after receiving the receipt of H1 transfer application(under premium processing). In a weeks time, my manager called me and said that they have received a DHS TNC(tentative non-confirmation) after initiating E-Verify. Like the above case, all the details in Further Action Notice (FAN) was correct except blank “A Number” field. The employer said I should contest and contact DHS after the case was referred by them.

I contacted DHS the same day the case was referred. DHS asked me for the receipt number of the H1 transfer. On the call DHS confirmed that the H1 transfer application was approved although advised that it will take a day to reflect in the case tracker. DHS asked me to inform the employer to check the case in E-Verify for the updated status. That’s all. Call with DHS ended. For my satisfaction, I ran the E-Verify self check in the DHS portal and found that I’m authorized to work :slight_smile:

On the day when I’m informed of DHS E-Verify TNC, FAN, A number, I panicked. But after reading about E-Verify, some blog posts about TNC especially the above, I felt better.

Hi There !
Congrats on your approval :slight_smile: I am happy that my post helped you to understand the process. I also panicked and couldn’t find any thing at that time so thought of to share my experience :slight_smile: