During H1B transfer, H1B petition approved but Extension of stay denied and i94 also expired.

I left my company A on 16th Aug 2013 and joined the company B on 27th Aug 2013.My B employer filed a H1 transfer on 27th Aug 2013 and got decision on 17th Apr 2014 saying H1B is approved but extension of status is denied for both me and my wife (h4). Our i94 is also expired on 27th Nov 2013. My current situtation is to go back to india for stamping along withmy wife. I currently work in EVC mode.

  1. What are the chances i may get a visa stamped?

  2. What would be the questions in the interview?

3.What are document that are required for the interview?

4.The complexity to my situation is, My Wife 's H1 was filied on 1 Apr 2014 can she get H4 stamping and travel with me?

  1. Will this affect her H1 process?

I have gone through lot of forums. I am in a very strange situation. Need your advice. Please respond to this question ASAP. I am going to India in 2 days.

  1. That depends on Ur employer background, ur background and all necessary docs

  2. Reasons for transfer, ur previous and current employement

  3. ALl docs like approval copy, previous pay stubs, client letter and all

  4. Yes, No problem

  5. NO