Duplicate Notice Was Mailed

On August 10 2016, we sent you a duplicate notice about a decision on your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number WACXXXXXXXX, or describing how we will process the case if it is still pending. Your case is located at our California Service Center location. Please follow any instructions in the notice.

What does this status mean … Wether my Case is approved or not…?

Also my Employer received my Form I-129 and in that is show notice type as approval .

it means my case is approved?

Please help me

Your employer would not receive Form I-129, he would submit the form I-129. What he receive is Form I-797 (notice of action), in which your petition status would be given.

With your limited information of the issue, Its hard to figure out what made the USCIS to issue the DUPLICATE notice. In fact, this is a DUPLICATE of WHICH NOTICE?

It seems like your employer or his lawyer has triggered some other request(like requesting a duplicate notice which they might have received originally and lost).

Its hard to interpret.

If California is your local processing center domicile, then this is an approval notice. A duplicate copy is sent to a local service center only if (1) case is approved or (2) a labor action is unresolved. In case of (2) you will receive a mail 180 days prior so that does not seem to be the case here,

Thanks for your reply… ya California is your my local processing center .

Thanks for your reply… i am not sure which form they received hope Form i-797.
In that its says
Notice Type :-Approval
PoE:- Califorina service center