Dubai vacation is good when H1b is in progress


My H1b is in progress and i’d booked ticket long time back for Dubai in a online low fare offer. i was not sure about if i get picked up in lottery for h1b now i’m confuesed should i go ahead with this vacation for a week time or just cancel it as i dont want any problem in my h1b(its more important than any thing else at this momment ).

please help

What stops you from traveling to DUBAI ,you can plan your stamping accordingly .

i might sound a bit racist here, sorry i cant help.

what worrying me is its a muslim country how counselors at immigration office see this vacation as? will they ask any question as to why i’ve travelled to Dubai?

I have visited Singapore also a year back but this Dubai trip i’m little sceptical.

I see your concern. Here is my take. UAE is not on the axis of evil; it’s considered as one of US ally in Middle East. So it should still be ok.

However, there is no surety of what will happen during the interview.