DS160 Validity Period

My wife filled up DS160 in Feb 22 and paid the fees also for Visa interview in Chennai. She got appointment for 2025. In Jan 23 she was able to reschedule the appointment to June 23. But in some forum I saw the Validity of DS160 is one year from Submission. When I asked visa consultant, she told as the appointment has been fixed there is no need to fill up a new application. I also sent an email to US TravelDOCS. They confirmed I have to fill a new application. I am confused. Can any one faced such situation please clarify.

Generally if any information filled in DS-160 has changed before the interview then you need to submit a new/updated DS-160.
If VFS told to submit a new DS-160, then go ahead and do it. Then call them and provide the # for the new DS-160 so they can update the information on the appointment.