Ds160 status still shows admin processing

I submitted the documents in Cochin VFS office on Nov 7. On Nov 9, case was created and was updated to “Administrative processing” on Nov 14. Today (Nov 16), my passport status is updated to “Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery” but the ds160 status still shows " administrative processing". Is this normal process. I haven’t got any email from consulate to go for finger print or interview.
Please let me know. thanks

Hi, I have the same circumstance where the ceac shows status as Administrative Processing but the passport has been dispatched. Could you please let me know what happened in your case? I will really appreciate that. Thank you,

Hi, when I collected my passport, it had a 221g slip asking me to come to consulate for interview. I went to Chennai consulate very next day and appeared for interview. They took my fingerprints and asked general questions like employer, client etc. The visa was approved and it came to Kochi VFS ofc in 3 days. I heard its happening for a lot of drop box cases. Best of luck.

Thank you for your response. It seems like that is what would have happened in my case as well. Looks like scheduling an appointment might not be required. Is that right?

Mostly that would be the case. They ask you to come on some specific days of the week

Have u got passport back or any things what happened at last am in same boat… Plz let me nw