DS160 Has your U.S. Visa ever been cancelled or revoked?


I got 221G last year in 2011 and in August I recieved a letter from US consulate states based on the information provided we are not able to issue you a visa this time.

"your petitioner doesnt appear to be either able or willing to provid qualifying employment in US accordance with appropriate laws & regulations

for your information, your visa was refused today under section 221G of the immigration nationality act."

Now I got my cap exempt H1B approval through some other employer and filing a DS160 for appointment at new delhi consulate. I am not sure what to answer following question

Has your U.S. Visa ever been cancelled or revoked? Should I say yes or no ?

I would appreciate immediate response on this.



I believe YES. It is clearly mentioned that “your visa was refused” in your 221G. I had 221G where in it read “your application has been suspended for further action”, and I answered NO for the same question in DS160 for L1.

Also, I believe it is just information in DS160, and VO anyway will have access all the information about your visas and their history, and the decision could also be based on them (and many more facts), not just what you wrote in DS160. So, don’t make them think that you have lied.