DS160 Form filling for US Visa

My H1B petition approved and need to go for stamping.My Surname is blank in my passport and not yet travelled to US. As per the suggestions in the comments, I can correct my passport to add surname. This way I will get new passport with new passport number.

My doubt is while filling DS160 form, I need to provide the corrected passport detials or the old passport details(with out surname) which was given to file H1B petition.

Please provide your comments.

Make sure your name on the H1B approval notice (I-797) match with your passport.
On the new DS-160 you should mention the new passport.

Thanks for the reply.you told to verify the name in the H1B approval notice with the passport. Passport means the OLD passport which I have given for filing the petition which doesn’t have SURNAME?

As per my understanding, in the new DS160 form, I will provide the NEW passport details where I have added the surname.


AS per your comments “Make sure your name on the H1B approval notice (I-797) match with your passport” which means the OLD passport right. The name is matching

In the new passport, I will add surname and will mention the same in DS 160.

Please let me know your comments.

Consult the immigration lawyer of your employer. My understanding is that name on your ID, in this case passport, should match with your H1B petition and I-797 approval notice.

Sure. Thanks for your response.