DS160 form filling and visa fee details


   I am trying to complete procedure for h1B visa appointment.


   In ustraveldocs site, first step mentioned as "FEE PAYMENT"  but when I try to create profile and login in "https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/" , after entering some details , it is asking for  "DS-160 CONFIRMATION number" and also it is asking for start and expiration date details in PETITIONER column? Could you please let me know what needs to be enter in these columns.


 Do we need to fill DS-160 form first before paying fee ?


 So I started filling DS-160 form  ...

 here it asks for "intended date of arrival and stay details" .. can i give employer address and some date in Jan 2013 as my  

 travel data is not yet confirmed?


 I am planning to apply for h4 visa for my wife along with me though she is planning to come at the end of next year.should i add my wife details in "Persons travelling with you" option?


I have added all other details in DS160 form and did not complete "SIGN and SUBMIT" stage.  Once we sign and submit can we modify the details ?



Can I give this DS-160 application number in "https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/" page  even though i did not submit form.


Please let me know stage where I can add spouse details?


Your inputs are much appreciable.


Thanks for your time.




Dear Raja,

Yes. Now you need to fill up DS 160 before you can make the payment.

You also need to fill up Petition Approval - I 797 details.eg. Petition start date , petition expiry date, Petitionner name etc

Yr query does not make it clear whether you have approved I 797 petition in hand.

Unless you have it , do not fill DS 160 form

If you plan to apply together for visa , you should add yr wife’s name as the person travelling with you.

Otherwise she can apply later. However visa expiry date will be as per the petition expiry date

You can mention DS 160 confirmation no without actually submitting the form. I have done it before . But would advise against you doing it. By this action you are closing the option of filling another DS 160 form.[ if the need arises]

What is the hurry for making payment?

First get yr things in order. Check everything . Then make the payment.

You can add spouse details [dependent] only if you are planning appointment together.

Add her as dependent when you schedule an appointment

First you have to fill DS-160 form ([http://portal.ustraveldocs.com/?language=English&country=India](http://portal.ustraveldocs.com/?language=English&country=India)

Thanks a lot, my friend…great to know this piece of info (that DS-160 confirmation number, a prerequisite to get the so called “Stanley Receipt” to make Visa Fee payment). I have searched for this in all popular immigration matter related websites but could not find anywhere this clear.
Thanks again.