DS160 form confirmed but has a mistake

I have made a mistake in DS-160 form. While filling US contact information, entered one digit wrongly in the phone number though address entered is correct. I have confirmed the DS-160 and bar code is also generated.

Would it create any problem if I use the same DS-160 form for interview? Only one digit in phone number is not correct.

Or should i create a new application and submit DS-160 again? But that will create duplicate forms on my name. I am afraid two forms might create problem so I am more inclined towards using DS160 with a bit incorrect information. What do you suggest?

single wrong digit will not be a problem. The officer will never have time to check your ds160 form or verify your phone number. That is done at the Port of entry. while entering US. Mention the number correctly there.

Phone numbers are never a problem,Problem is only with LCA/Salary,PAssport No,etc

Based on my past DS-160 expirience, you can always fill up a new DS-160 this should eventually terminate the old ones. Please ensure that you have not refreeed the old DS-160 in scheduling the intw else it will need re-schedling,

Thanks. I filled another DS 160 and used it for scheduling an interview.