DS160 - B2 visitor visa - Queries


I want to fill DS-160 for B2- Visitor visa. Me and my parents are planning for attending my sister’s graduation which is in mid next month.

We have not prepared any documentation so far and the appointment wait time is 16 days. Given the short time we have, I want to fill DS-160 now and book appointment. And I want to prepare documentation till the time of interview.

My queries are:

  1. What documents do I need while filling and submitting DS-160. Do I need to attach bank statements, property evaluations, employer leave letters etc here… or directly carry during interview.

  2. What is the validity of B2-visitor visa: If I don’t travel after my visa is granted, what is the maximum tie window it will be allowed. I heard if we don’t travel within 1 year, visa will get lapsed.

  3. Given the short time (next month mid is graduation), will this make any negative impact?

Please give information and advice.

Thank you!!

  1. No documents needed when completing DS form.

  2. It is issued for 1-10 years depending upon individual case. Even If you don’t travel, it will remain valid until its expiration date.

  3. No impact. The only thing to watch out is that in case it goes into administrative processing, it may not get approved by the time your sister graduates.