DS-160: What to fill in 'present work' if I was paid via. Paypal (from US company) as contractor while waiting for H1B for 10 months?

Hi all,

My STEM EXT expired in on Jan 31st 2019 and I did not receive H-1B at the time.

So I returned to India and continued to work for same US employer remotely and was paid via. Paypal as an independent contractor for ~10 months (taxed in India) while they re-applied for my H1B during the following year 2019.
I have now received H1B approval and need to move back to US.

While I am filling my DS-160 present work section, how should I represent my remote contractual work for US employer for the last 10 months?
Should I say, freelance consultant (in my field) for several clients and put my home address, representing myself as an independent contractor.
Should I say the same while mentioning the that the sole client of my freelance work was the US employer who had applied for my H1B in the interim?

It is a unique situation and I am hoping someone could shed some light on the best representation of the above situation in the DS160 form.

Thanks for the help.