DS-160 Questions, appointment booked, pls help

Hi, My interview is on April 22nd in Jamaica but still have below questions

1. What should I answer for the below questions under section Where Do You Intend to Work? in DS-160?


a) Should I give Employer Company Name or Client Company Name for "Name of your Employer" ?

b) Should I give Employer Company Address or Client Company Address for "Address" ?


I am seeing mixed answers in different forums. Since you got your visa stamped I can trust more on your answer.


2. I have give my Salary after Taxes in DS 160? Is it correct or do I need to give salary before taxes? If you want me to give Salary after taxes should I create a new DS 160 as I have already submitted and have appointment date fixed? Or can I show my W2 and Pay Stubs to VO and explain the situation?


By the way my (Salary mentioned in Ds-160) x 12 == Prevailing Wage BUT (Salary mentioned in Ds-160) != (Actual Salary in Pay Stubs)


Kindly suggest me on this.


with thanks & Regards



In March I have done H1 stamped.

1. Emplyer Name & Address.

#2. Salary per annum befor Taxes. This salsry may not match with paystubs. But ok. I carried Salary certificate from emplyer.

But in LCA, under Place of Employment, we have client address. And in many forums they mentioned to give Client Address where we actually work. That is why I am very confused. Please clarify.

You can even mention like below,

Your Employer Name for Employer
Your Client Addredd for Place of work

Thanks for your reply H1b - L1B. Did you got to Jamaica for stamping? Can you share your experience and interview questions?