DS-160 Query. Will they compare my 2017 DS 160 to current DS?

Hi All,

I will be going for H1-B Visa stamping first time from India through a sponsor for inhouse project in the month of April. My question is on DS-160 forms.

  • In 2011 I applied for student visa but it was denied under 214(b). Later in 2017 I applied for B1/B2 and got it approved and travelled to US two times on B1 through my company.
    -Now I need to fill my DS-160 in this I will be mentioning for previous Visa rejections as Yes, but my concern here is that I do not remember what I filled in 2017 DS-160 for my B1 visa(This was filled my company) Will there is any problem if incase they have filled as any visa rejections as No in 2017 and if I fill it as Yes now?
  • Now I will definitely be mentioning it as Yes for sure but I am afraid if they would compare my 2017 DS-160 for B1 and current DS for H1.

I would just answer based on the facts and not worry about what was on the last DS160. Consulates have all your records and the VO can see all the history for a person applying the visa if he/she had applied in past for any US visa.
I am guessing you had ‘Yes’ in the DS160 for B1/B2 as it was approved. Otherwise it could have been denied for the wrong information/ lying.