DS 160 Previous employment & Primary Occupation


I have 2 questions which is holding me from submitting the DS-160 form

1) Primary Occupation : I have done my Masters in Information Systems and Bachelors in India in Information Technology and I am currently working as a Software Engineer
So should I entire as Computer Science or Engineer or Other ?

2) Previous Employment : Here is my case I have worked in India in TCS prior to MS and have done my Co-op(same as internship) at Goldman Sachs as a part of Masters program during Mid Summer and Fall 2011.I have also done 2 on campus jobs during Spring 2011 and Spring & Summer 2012.These on campus jobs have nothing related to Software Engineering or programming.
The previous employment allows me to list on 2 jobs in the form.So what should I enter on the form.If I enter by latest I have to enter the 2 on campus jobs so I cannot enter my Co-op and TCS work exp in the form which I feel are my strengths. But if I enter these workexperiences then I cannot enter my latest jobs i.e on campus for which University is my employer Please try to reply ASAP as I have to go to India in December and have to fill out this is form at the earliest

Dear Abhijeet,

You can write either Engineer or Computer science as yr Profession. This will not materially affect you

Regarding job, mention TCS experience . That is your real job.Other jobs are superflous and not real jobs.

I would have mentioned current university job as the second employment