DS 160 previous employment for unpaid internship on OPT


I have an approved H1B visa from my current employer. In the DS 160, do I have to mention an unpaid internship I did during OPT before joining my current employer? The company’s legal adviser said that I need to only mention paid work, but I wanted to know if anyone else had a similar situation and what did they do?

Well, technically, if you worked as per law under the Fair Employment act in unpaid internship as part of the private sector and not volunteering, you probably need to indicate that…Read Unpaid Internship for F1 - Guidance at Stanford to get an idea…if you have been in such allowed internship and your details were captured by the company, you have proof that you worked there in the form of letters, experience certificates, then you review with your legal team and mention it in DS-160. You should always discuss with your legal adviser and take final decision.