DS 160- need to modify the place of birth


I have submitted my DS-160 and booked appointment. But, in DS 160, i did a small mistake. In DS 160 application, for place of birth, i eneterd the city name instead of my village name (Because, in application, it was asked to enter city name). But, I came to know that if place of birth in passport and DS 160 should be same.

As I already submitted DS 160, If I correct the place of birth, it is generating a new application number. We need to update this number again in visa appointment application.

Please suggest me what is the best way to handle here.



Its not a problem AFAIK…

If u feel its problem, U can update it… It will give u a new form number… When VO asks, say the reason… it must be fine

Hi RaNa,
Thank you for your answer. Recently, I read in one forum. One person has the same issue. In the last minute, he corrected the place of birth.

In my case, if I update the place of birth, it will generate a new application number. So, How should I update this number in visa appointment page. because in visa appointment, we have ds 160 confirmation number and \MRV receipt number. Please advise.

have u already booked appointment?

What happened during your visa interview… Need your inputs as I have also done the same mistake while filling ds160 and visa interview date is confirmed… Please reply


I am having the same problem. What was your experience? do i need to correct the DS-160 and reschedule the appointment?

Hi Bhaskar,

What finally happened? I am having the same issue.

Hi there, Im facing the same issue as i was completing the (DC-160).Making the payment i realized that the place of birth on my (DC-160) is different from the one that my passport infer,but i havent scheduled the appointment yet.What should i do? do i need a new (DC-160)? and if yes…should i repay the fee? cause i have already pay once.Every advice and help will be very much appreciated.

i am also facing same issue. can you please let me know what should i write in DC160 village name or city name?

Hi bhaskar,

I am filling the DS-160. in my passport place of birth is village name but in DS 160 its asking city name what should i give in DS-160. please help me. thanks in advance

You just give what you have in your passport, it does not matter, if it is city or village.