DS-160 Mumbai consulate location,Dropbox appointment in Delhi,Actual documents dropoff in Mumbai

I choose Mumbai consulate while filling out DS-160. But after paying fees, there is no open slots to schedule a drop box appointment. So I checked for Delhi consulate and did see dates available. So here is the question, although I selected Mumbai on DS-160, can I take drop box appointment at Delhi BUT than drop off the documents at Mumbai consulate on the date I selected for Delhi location? So in short, DS 160 shows Mumbai as preferred consulate location, Drop off date and location is for New Delhi, but actually dropping off the documents at Mumbai consulate, is this possible and ok to do? Also if they call for interview, where will it be? Mumbai or Delhi? Thank you

If you need further information you can always contact the VFS support.


I went through this article before.Thanks for sharing though. It doesn’t say the 2 questions i mentioned. 1st one is if appointment is at Delhi, i drop off documents at Mumbai, and in case if they call for an interview, interview location would be Mumbai where I dropped off documents or would be at Delhi where I originally scheduled the dropbox appointment. 2nd question is, if i book drop box appointment at Delhi and later on if dates in Mumbai opens up, can i cancel delhi appointment and make a new one at Mumbai


Mumbai consulate will be processing your application so interview is scheduled will be at Mumbai.

Yes, you can.