DS 160 - i have filled yearly income instead of monthy

I have entered my yearly salary instead of the monthy in my ds160… My appointed is in a few days.

Would the consulate correct it if i inform them on the first day?

When appearing for biometrics, let the person know about the error. S/he should be able to fix it for you. You can also complete another DS form and ask the person to swap the old one w/ new one if they are not able to fix the typo.

Thanks a lot Saurabh… Really hoping they will as my stamping is time sensitive and i can afford to push the interview dates.

But i hadnt thought of filling a new DS form, assuming the interview and the submitted DS160 were linked togther?

I will be filling one today :slight_smile: Thanks again

  • Jatin

Was able to correct the salary typo. Then i was pointed out that my passport details were wrong!! But allowed to go out and fill another new form and get the confirmation :slight_smile:

Got my stamped passport today!

Good to know that. Its nice that they allow such typos to be fixed during biometrics and don’t hold up the process for that.