DS 160 Forms - 10 Print and Child Interview Appearence Question

Need your advise on DS-160.

  1. There is a question have you been ten printed(10 fingers scanned) before? - I had L1 and my wife had L2 before. SO I think we were 10 printed. But my child was only 1 year old last time during L1 interview so I guess he wasn’t 10 printed. Can anybody confirm if such small child are 10 printed or not? I can then answer the Yes/No question correctly for my child.

  2. Also I found the rule of interview seems to have changed. The visa appointment making website is saying if child is under 14 years old then we don’t need to take him for the interview in either OFC or Consulate. We only need to carry his DS-160 form and a photograph for H4 visa. This clearly means only me and my wife needs to appear in person and I can carry the DS-160, passport and photo for my child. However can anybody please confirm who has child under 14 years and has attended visa interview this year anywhere in India?

Appreciate help as usual.