DS-160 Form with current I-797 while extension is pending

Hi, I am on H1-B and visiting India soon for visa interview. My employer applied for extension. I am not sure approval time. For the visa interview, Can I fill in DS-160 form using the current approved I-797 ? and then later when I get the extension approved ( I will have new receipt number ) is it possible to update after booking the interview slot ?

Reason I want to book early is because of long wait times for visa slots in Hyderabad !!!

Appreciate if anyone has suggestions before I shoot an email to my company lawyer. Thanks in advance.

Yes, that’s what you would use to fill out the DS-160 form as that is one you have approved now.
After your H1B is approved and you have the copy, then you can create a new DS-160 and carry the same, it should be fine.

Hi @Vijay8597
Did the new DS-160 work all well for you?
I am curious to know because I am in the same situtation now. I am planning to get my H1B renewal stamping through Dropbox (I am sure I am eligible for Dropbox) sometime in May/June 2022. However, I do not have my H1B I-797 approved yet, I am guessing it will be approved sometime in March/April 2022. But, I do not want to wait to book an appointment until my I-797 approved because I may not get the dropbox slot at that time for the date/period I am looking for (assuming slots are getting filled fast). So, I am planning to submit DS-160 with the old(current) approved I-797 and then book the dropbox slot with that DS-160 form. After the new I-797 is approved, I would like to submit new DS-160 and take that new DS-160 to dropbox stamping. So, I want to know if a change in DS-160 is okay.