DS 160 form submitted without photo


I am planning to schedule an interview with US-Consulate in Mumbai, India and completed filling up the form DS-160.

I did not upload any photo while filling DS-160. But when I go to review section I am not seeing my photograph.

A message “Photo will be taken at the ASC” is getting displayed in place of the photo instead. Even on COnfirmation letter also it shows same message about photo. I already paid VISA fee. Is my DS 160 form will hget rejected or VISA will be denied.

What steps I need to take if any to resolve this photo issue

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

for mumbai consulate, photo graph is not uploaded on website.

You will get 2 appointments

1 at OFC - finger prints and photo graph is taken

2 - visa interviwe at consulate - Need to carry 1 hard copy of photo graph here

Dont worry,there is nothing wrong with you form.