DS 160 Form Expiration date

I have question on DS 160 Form. I have started an application , in August 2022, and booked VISA SLOT, for H1B stamping, for January, 2023, end date. I did not submit the same till date, as I have been updating the form from time to time, and even on yesterday too. Now, it is almost complete and about to submit the same, in a day or two. However, I found, on the First Page : Personal Information 1, on the top right hand corner, the following text : OMB CONTROL NUMBER: xxxx - xxxx , FORM NO: DS - 160, EXPIRATION DATE: 10/31/2022, ESTIMATED BURDEN: 90 MIN. I do not understand the expiration date, which is mentioned as 10/31/2022. What exactly is this? What I have to do, as my appointment date is fast approaching. please guide me in detail. Thanks