DS-160 Filling & Visa Interview in next week


I have filled DS-160 form and submitted today,but have few clarifications about few sections.

1.Intended length to stay in US ?I mentioned as 3 years

  1. US Contact Person Name?mentioned as DO NOT KNOW

  2. Both Work address & staying address? mentioned same

And coming to visa interview next week,have previous interview refusal and my case has been sent back to USCIS for further review.So I haven’t mentioned any deniel/refusal in DS-160 form.Does is it create any issue by the time of interview?

Do I have any possibility to get query by the time this interview about previous refusal?


  1. You could mention same duration as your petition (797)

  2. You should mention employer’s contact person

  3. If employer has a guest house for initial boarding, then use that for residence. If not, its ok to use office address.

  4. If you have been issued 221g in the past or if visa has been denied, the same needs to be mentioned in DS form. It may or may not impact the decision depending upon the reasons behind the 221g and/or denial.