DS-160, 2 I-140s, Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the USCIS?

Hi friends,

I have an approved I-140 from my previous employer using (which I got my H1 renewed by my current employer). My current employer also applied for my I-140 but is still pending and I do have the petition number.

Now, my question is, for this below question in my DS-160, I marked as my answer as ‘yes’ but in ‘explain’ field, should I give both reference numbers and both petitioners? Or either one? If so, which one?

Thanks in advance guys!



I’m bumping this as I see no replies. Need to submit my ds-160 asap. Any input is appreciated.

I do not see any question. But, in any case, you need to mention both the numbers in the explain section to be safe.

Thanks Kumar. I will do that. I was hesitating to write all those details as that might look confusing. But I think it is better to provide as much info as possible.

Better to be transparent, than hide information and get into issues later by not declaring it.

Agreed! Very true. Thanks!