DropBox US Visa Location Tied to Consulate for Appointment?

Hello Reader,

I will be travelling to India and need Visa stamping (H4). When checked I am eligible for Interview Waiver Program.

I chose consulate location as HYDERBAD while filling DS160, however drop box location suggests that for such scenario, documents can only be dropped in Hyderabad. I was planning to drop documents in Bangalore like I did in 2018.

It is suggested to select dropbox location to drop off documents at the below centers based on where you plan to give visa interview. If you were to be called for interview, you will be called in the respective consulate that is tied to the relevant drop off location. So, choose this carefully, if you prefer a choice.
Applicants for Delhi Consulate : Drop off at New Delhi, Chandigarh or Jalandhar centers
Applicants for Mumbai Consulate : Drop off at Mumbai, Ahmedabad or Pune centers.
Applicants for Chennai Consulate : Drop off at Chennai, Kochi or Bangalore.
Applicants for Hyderabad Consulate : Drop off at Hyderabad Center.
Applicants for Kolkata Consulate : Drop off at Kolkata Center

Question: Is it not the case that we can drop documents at any location and consulate location does not matter?

Please help to clarify this.

No. You can only only drop off documents that are tied to the consulate. So, you can only drop off documents at Hyderabad. One thing you can do is to fill out new DS-160 or update the existing one and choose Chennai and then drop off documents at Bangalore. That’s the option.